My daughter’s 8th birthday party was simply amazing. Twenty children creating the most fantastic sounds with drums and other percussion instruments. Their enthusiasm was infectious, all of the children were completely engrossed. Sheilagh has a marvelous ability to engage with children. Singing and Making Music, I couldn't recommend it enough. It definitely has the WOW factor.

Jacinta Ashe



Sheilagh runs the music session with our preschoolers every week. She kindly agreed to run a drumming session for both children and parents. This was the most wonderful experience. The look of joy and excitement on each child’s face as they were handed their own drum was just great. We have two children for whom English is an additional language. It can be difficult for them to be comfortable and involved in all areas of our curriculum. However, they were totally immersed in the sounds and rhythms as everyone drummed and moved. Sheilagh ran the class in such a way that every child and adult was able to fully participate throughout the whole class. The drumming session was one of our most memorable learning experiences and created great sense of unity amongst the adults and children.

Sally Hartnett Broadford Montessori






Sheilagh did a drumming workshop with us as part of our team day, I can honestly say everybody really enjoyed themselves regardless of age, interests etc. The whole team found the morning uplifting and most importantly great fun.  

Anne Marie, HSE


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